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Travel Plans 2015 – Embracing the UK

I normally wouldn’t dream of spending a whole year without travelling abroad, but this year we had the idea to make the most of exploring the country we live in. I can’t promise I’m not going to get itchy feet and jet off somewhere more exotic before the year is out, but here are our 2015 travel plans so far:


April, Actuaria

Okay you’ve got me, Actuaria isn’t a real place. In April I will be sitting Actuarial exams and so unfortunately won’t have time to travel anywhere! At least the time spent holed up in the library will allow me to save more money towards adventures over the rest of the year.


May, Snowdonia

In early May we will be going hiking in Snowdonia with friends, and maybe exploring a bit of Wales along the way.


June, Kentwell Hall, Suffolk

Kentwell isn’t really like travelling for me, it’s more like going home. Every year I spend a week or two surrounded by friends in a Tudor manor house called Kentwell Hall in Suffolk, where we bring the hall to life as part of the largest Tudor re-creation in the UK. Kentwell is the most wonderful place, and I will definitely be posting more about it soon. For the meantime, all I will say is visit, visit, visit!


July, Yorkshire

I love Yorkshire, I’ve been many times and I never get bored of going back. It’s a beautiful place full of rolling hills, lovely beaches and lots of history. I’ll be exploring North Yorkshire including York, Whitby and Scarborough in the summer.


August, Edinburgh Fringe Festival

After intending to every year and never getting around to it, we have finally booked some accommodation in Edinburgh during the Fringe festival, one of the largest theatre festivals in the world. Myself and Nick are both big theatre lovers and are very excited to be in Scotland’s capital during such an exciting, vibrant event.


September, Bath & Bristol

We’ll be going down to explore the west of England a little better. Bath and Bristol are both wonderful cities which I have been to before but not had the chance to properly explore. We will be visiting friends and getting to know these places a little better.


October, Ireland

We have no firm plans in place yet, but since Northern Ireland is the only part of the UK that we’re yet to plan a trip to yet this year, it made sense to get over there and do a bit of exploring. More details on this trip to come!


London, ongoing

I’ll be exploring London all year, getting to know the fantastic city which I live in inside and out, and then letting you know about all of the best bits! If there are any parts of London that you want to know more about, let me know and I’ll be sure to explore and post about it.


Where are you planning on going in 2014?


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