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Photography Fix – The Cats of Istanbul

Istanbul is famous for it’s cats, and as a cat lover, this has to be one of my favourite things about the city. Adored and respected, these feral street cats are well looked after by the locals who leave food and pillows out for them at night, and give them full rein of the city by day.

Every other shop seemed to have a convenient nap spot for kitties. Many of the shops around the city have even have their own resident cats, and after closing you could often see little fur balls asleep in shop windows amongst the mannequins.

The reason appears to at least partly trace back to Islamic legend, when Muhammed would not rise because he did not want to disturb the cat sleeping on the corner of his robe. Another story says that Muhammed was saved from a poisonous snake by a brave little cat. Perhaps these legends feed into the modern day love of cats that Istanbul has, or perhaps Istanbulites are just a sensible lot. Because who doesn’t love cats, really?

Below is a collection of my favourite cat snaps from around the city.

This gorgeous guy was soaking up the last of the sun whilst we sat and drank çay

Cat boxes like these are dotted all around the city

Left: An absolutely gorgeous cat, Right: A very friendly feline enjoying some attention while we had a coffee

Nap time

My type of street gang



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