City Exploration: St Paul’s Cathedral

After recent decision to explore London during my lunch breaks that very morning, my first stop was St Paul’s Cathedral. It’s a pretty close to my office, only a 10-15 minute brisk walk. Why I don’t visit more often I do not know.

I went via Lombard Street and past the Royal Corn Exchange at Bank Station. It was a freezing cold day but my body was enjoying the movement and it felt so good to break up the working day with a bit of escapism, a tiny slice of travel – even if only a short walk away!

After menouvering the Bank Station intersection-of-doom, I walked down Cheapside towards St Pauls. I as I was going past, the Bow Bells were ringing in St Mary-le-Bow church. Fun fact: did you know that according to tradition, to be able to call yourself a true Cockney, you must be born within earshot of the Bow Bells? It was a really glorious sound, I blessed my inadvertant good timing!

Coming into veiw of St Paul’s, I remembered what a breathtaking building it is.

St Paul’s Cathedral

I had a quick walk through the graveyard/gardens which surround St Pauls, watching some squirrels searching through the grass for food. I then followed a side entrace into the cathedral in the hopes of a bit of warmth! Inside, to my surprise, I found a restaurant/cafe and giftshop! Both of which seemed very nice, if not a little out of place amongst the beautiful statues and, erm, graves…

These poor folks must feel people walking over their graves, like, all the time…

I didn’t have time to go inside past the ticket desk and properly into the Cathedral to explore sadly, but if you want to, here’s what you need to know:

Entry is free for worship, but if you want to really explore the sights, including the dome, crypt, oculus or experience the Whispering Gallery, then an entrance ticket will cost you £17 for a full-priced adult (concessions £15), and last entry is at 4pm.

I headed back for the office at this point, going a different way to the way I came for bonus exploration points, and grabbed a coffee to warm up with. I arrived back at my office roughly 45 minutes after I set off, with a healthy shot of endorphins from my brisk walk, and very cold ears.

Look out for my next lunchtime adventure soon!



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