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City Exploration – My resolution

I’m a bit late for new years resolutions, so lets call this a work resolution. I work in the City in London, which is basically the financial district and surrounding areas. Being an office job, I inevitably spend anything from 8 to a horrible 12 (12 is my absolute limit) hours a day sat at a desk.

This inactivity is terrible for my health.

Obviously, I do get up for tea breaks and to go to the toilet, and I usually try to venture out at least breifly at lunch. But for a while now I’ve been in this terrible habit of not really straying further than Fenchurch Street, where my office is.

Despite the City being inhabited almost exclusively by Monday-Friday 9-5 dwelling city workers (really, it’s like a ghost town on a Saturday), there are so many beautiful sights and interesting places to see, all within walking distance. I’ve been to plenty of them over the years, but long ago I stopped ‘being a tourist’ and appreciating what’s around me, and so I don’t visit them enough.

I recently read a newspaper article about the ill effects of inactivity. I’ve read them before and I always curse my lifestyle and wish I could have a more active job, but for whatever reason this article really stuck with me, and yesterday I had a good idea.

I can couple finding wonderful things to show you on this blog, with taking a brisk walk on my lunchbreak. I’ll explore every inch of the City and surrounding areas by foot and post about what I find. As long as I can get there and back in 45 minutes on foot, I’ll go anywhere.

I made this resolution yesterday morning, and yesterday lunchtime I made my first expedition to St Paul’s Cathedral. Where will I go next? I haven’t decided yet! Already on my list are:

  • Borough market
  • St Katherine’s Docks
  • The Tower of London
  • Tower Bridge
  • Bank of England
  • Brick Lane

Got somewhere you want to send me? Comment and I’ll go!

Map of The City



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  • Reply Ruth February 12, 2015 at 10:07 pm

    The London Guikdhall is lovely, and the attached gallery (I think it costs £2) has an amphitheatre in the basement :)

    Do you fancy meeting at Borough on a Friday lunchtime at some point! We can get donuts from Breadhead ( they’re delish!)

    Love the photos xoxox

    • Reply Amy February 12, 2015 at 10:41 pm

      Ooh Ruth that sounds great, I’ll definitely add that to the list. Yes let’s meet for lunch at Borough Market one Friday, good idea! I’m looking forward to these donuts already! :-) xxx

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